I have appreciated the effectiveness of Kim Gangwish’s work with a mutual client. This young woman had significant issues with sensory processing, as evidenced by her performance on standardized tests of praxis and tactile discrimination. After evaluating her, I recommended that she receive help from Ms. Gangwish. Retesting following work with Ms. Gangwish revealed improvement of more than two standard deviations, more than could be rationalized by standard error of measurement. Impressive work, skillfully done.
— Lois Hickman, Occupational Therapist
Thank you for making it easier for me to learn. I appreciate all you did. Thanks for the bubbles.
— Tori
My daughter had had learning difficulties at school for a while. Spelling made no sense to her; math concepts had to be taught over and over again, and it was very hard for her to finish many assignments. For a while I waited hoping that this would be just a matter of maturity. When she was in the third grade, a doctor, with a quick 15 minute test, told me that she had a mild ADHD, and in the same phrase he recommended drugs. I thanked him and never came back.

After that I met with Kim Gangwish, and she began to work with my daughter. After twelve sessions, the change was amazing. It seemed that finally she could retain concepts, and her self-esteem began to improve dramatically. School began to be something that she could enjoy, and she is feeling proud of her successes. Finishing assignments is now doable, and the feedback from teachers is great.

When you have children money seems to evaporate quickly, but you know that you would do anything you can to make them healthier and happier people. Kim worked with my daughter with such dedication, and I love that she has taken her as a whole person. I am so very happy with the results of this work, that I would do it again without any hesitation.
— Ana Maria Hernando
I was referred to Kim Gangwish by Dr. Carol Schneider following a motor vehicle accident which resulted in severe post traumatic stress disorder. The accident may have also caused a mild traumatic brain injury, however this was difficult to diagnose since I had suffered several previous concussions. My trauma history was extensive over 49 years, including a train wreck, rape, fire, bomb explosion as well as sporting and motor vehicle accidents. My health issues were similarly extensive.

I received therapy from Kim Gangwish over five months and recovered significantly as a result. The post traumatic stress symptoms are greatly reduced. My vision, especially my ability to focus my eyes has improved. Hearing, balance, coordination and cognitive functioning are also greatly improved. Also, this therapy greatly enhanced the effectiveness of other therapies including physical and cognitive therapy. I was able to progress much more quickly in my Pilates sessions. I am now able to do cognitive tasks that were impossible before. Because of improved functioning, I am able to live a fuller life with more confidence. I believe that this has been a cornerstone in my healing process and I would recommend it to anyone who is trying to recover from trauma or brain injury.
— Rebecca Gish
I used to not like school. School is easier now and I like it I am learning to read!
Kim, Just a note to thank you for all the time you gave us. Things are coming along.
— Barb