hoto Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Kim Gangwish has founded multiple companies along with a non-profit organization.  She is the co-founder and inventor at Genovus Biotechnologies, Inc. and continues to develop the technology and treatment protocol presently under research at CU Boulder under IRB.  She has assembled both the management team as well as the Scientific Board of Advisors.  Kim has authored the 6 patents pending for Genovus. She secured the initial seed funding.  Kim has been involved in research with Dr. Karyn Purvis at Texas Christian University in a study looking at the effects that acupressure can have on oxytocin and vasopressin levels in adopted children with attachment concerns in 2008-2009.  She has been practicing Applied Physiology for the last 18 years, running her own practice at the Life Enrichment Center, in Louisville and Denver, Colorado. She specializes in neural-integration, L.E.A.P., to help individuals with head trauma, and neurological disorders.  She has lectured around the country for the last 15 years with a primary emphasis on possible underling causal factors contributing to learning and sensory issues.  She has presented at international health conferences, educational programs for school districts and parent and adoption support organizations.  She has been the featured speaker at the Natural Products Expo, the nation’s largest conference in the Natural Products Industry.  Kim was the co-founder of the P.R.I.D.E. workshop used by the Colorado Heritage Camps for adopted children.  She authored a column titled Adoption Wellness, which was featured bi-monthly in Adoption Today magazine for over 2 years. Kim founded a non-profit organization, Beginnings with Adoption Wellness, which was designed to support the children and their families through an integrated team of professionals who offer a full spectrum of therapeutic services.  Currently, she is co-authoring a book, Child Decoded, pending publication Winter 2016. Kim has a BA in Psychology from CU Boulder, summa cum laude, and is a member of the Psi Chi International Honor Society.